The bathroom is a place to relax! Getting it to that state can be anything other than relaxing.

What style, what size, what works best in the space you have: different contractors to think about for a smooth bathroom installation.

For over twenty years we have built all manners of bathrooms, some grand, some big, some small. Some of our customers have a big budget and an even bigger room; others have a more modest budget. What they all have in common is total satisfaction with our work.

We take all the stress away from getting the bathroom you really want.

Design, purchasing, installation and outstanding after sales from a totally professional company means you choose and then forget about it.

Our services are guaranteed, our tradesmen are time served experienced staff and the quality of our bathroom installation is second to none.

Make the right choice with P.B. Lewis Builders Ltd. Call us for a no obligation quotation or send us a quick e-mail enquiry if it is out of hours and we will contact you the next working day to book a suitable appointment time.


Living Room Extension

Customer Service Assured

We will be more than happy to provide a great amount of aftermarket care for our customers which can range from tiles all the way to the bath itself. If you need manufacturer parts then we can supply you with these if need be.